• To provide the most comprehensive database of transcripts available anywhere.
  • To provide keyword search capability to greatly reduce the number of transcripts our subscribers need to access.
  • To provide our subscribers with transcripts which can be immediately downloaded or e-mailed to them.
  • To provide transcripts in an easy to read condensed format together with a hyper-linked word index.
  • To maintain our web-site as a cooperative effort with the medical defense community.
  • To link our site with many of the other entities providing similar and other legal research services.

Legal Transcript Library, Inc. was incorporated in July, 1996 as part of a cooperative effort with the New York State Medical Defense Bar Association, several major insurance carriers, and New York law firms representing the medical defense community.

The primary function of LTL, Inc. is to coordinate the significant effort required to obtain and convert existing and future transcripts of expert testimony, on a continuing basis, for use by the medical defense community including law firms engaged in the defense of medical malpractice cases, and their clients.

Prior to the creation of this web-site, LTL, Inc. provided to our subscribers, on a quarterly basis, CD-ROM disks containing indexed transcripts of experts’ testimony. By providing this central database and a faster and more convenient method of accessing transcripts, we facilitated the laborious task of searching for and reading through hundreds of pages of testimony.

Many of the most prominent medical defense law firms in New York have subscribed to our service and continue to comment favorably. With this web-site, we are addressing the needs of law firms throughout the country by expanding our expert database to include those experts who testify in all geographic areas. We have already converted thousands of transcripts, incorporating testimony of hundreds of experts.

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